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19 Traction channels for startups – Part 2

Email marketing

Email marketing can be used for all stages of the customer life cycle: building familiarity with prospects, acquiring customers, and retaining the customers you already have.

One of email’s strengths is that it is a way to get feedback from your customers. Allow them to reply with their questions or problems.

For finding customers
Traction channels like SEO and content marketing can help you build your email list. Ask for an email address in exchange to access premium content, a free course related to your area of expertise, a whitepaper, or a video.

Consider advertising on email newsletters complementary to your product.

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19 Traction channels for startups — Part 1

Main resource is the book “Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Massive Growth” by  Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares

Traction is growth. It is a sign that your company is taking off. It is basically quantitative evidence of customer demand.

Traction and product development are equally important.

Startups get traction through nineteen different channels called traction channels: Targeting blogs, publicity, unconventional PR, SEM, SEO, social and display ads, offline ads, content marketing, email marketing, engineering as marketing, viral marketing, business development, sales, affiliate programs, existing platforms, trade shows, offline events, speaking engagements, community building.

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Frameworks to help you choose the right traction channel

The following frameworks have been designed to help startups to choose the right traction channel to start with.

Brass Framework
David Arnoux of Head of Growth at Growth Tribe

This framework helps you prioritize which customer acquisition channels you should test first. It is based on two premises:
1)  the answer to the question “What should we try to drive users to our website?” lies within the startup. It is simply a matter of asking the right questions.
2) the more people you get involved in the acquisition channel brainstorming and voting, the better your chances of choosing the right channels to test.

Step 1 Get people together
The more people you get involved in the process of selecting customer acquisition channels, the better. Diversify the types of people (marketing, technical, CEO, analysts)

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