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Mobile pricing and monetization. Advanced mobile marketing course

The science behind mobile pricing and monetization

Principles of pricing

Even though pricing is so essential to make a company profitable and drive revenue, it’s a marketing element often overlooked by companies mostly because they think that is something they have no control over, the market is going to define it, or that the competition has already set the price.

Part of the marketing efforts should be directed at designing a pricing strategy that simultaneously creates the consumer’s incentive to buy the product and the firm’s incentive to sell the product.

Tools to help you define a pricing strategy: Value, structure, CLV, price sensitivity, and business’s goals

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Lessons from the App Promotion Summit NYC 2017. Part III

Lessons from Trademob

Increase ROI from retargeting

A lot of companies use retargeting as part of their growth strategy. Installs is not longer the only metric to look at. In order to grow, we need to build a good relationship with our users. So what we want to do and what retargeting allows us to do is to move from installs to users to customers to regular customers.

There are three things you need before starting with retargeting:

  1. A tracking partner to measure every single event that happens in your app.
  2. Deep linking
  3. Volume of users. The threshold is around one million active users monthly.

Once you have those three things, consider the following:

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Lessons from the App Promotion Summit NYC 2017. Part II

Lessons from Starwood Hotels & Resorts

Growing the SPG app in 100 countries

Tip 1. Meet users on their preferred platform

China is an important market for the SPG app. Over 20% of their bookings and revenues come from the Chinese market. One of the platforms they considered from the beginning was WeChat since it has 750 million monthly active users in China alone.

They built out and highlighted features that they knew were really important for that audience and that target market. For example, they know their food and beverage loyalty program is super popular in China, and they have seen great engagement with this feature on the WeChat platform.

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Lessons from the App Promotion Summit NYC 2017. Part I

Lessons from

How to track, measure and analyze

Before launching a new app or a new marketing campaign, it is important to have all the right tracking in place to measure performance.

Start by figuring out how all your tools will work together since the mobile industry is actually quite fragmented. There are a lot of tools that work only for mobile app but don’t work across platforms (app and web). You can end up with fragmented data.  Think about your data infrastructure.

Make it easy for your team to access the data they need when they need it. Define clearly the metrics that matter most to your business. It must be easy to pull metrics and insights to evaluate performance. The metrics should be actionable.

Before starting with pay per install campaigns, take advantage of the free stuff. Some organic channels to consider:

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How to increase your app’s visibility. Part II

In Part I, I talked about the importance of having a good ASO strategy for your app. Part II presents some other options we have to gain more visibility for our app. All of them work much much better if we have a good ASO strategy in place.

See Part I  How to increase your app’s visibility

Search Ads

Apple Search Ads

Apple launched app-store Search Ads in October 2016. Right now they are only available in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. According to Apple, on average, Search Ads have a conversion rate greater than 50 percent, and the average user acquisition costs are $1 or less. However, the CPI vary widely by geography and app category.

The beginning of a new campaign is critical because early performance determines how often your ad will be shown in the future. If Apple decides your ad is not interesting enough, your ad will be displayed less. In order to succeed with Search Ads, you need to have a strong ASO strategy in place.

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