facebook paypal buttonUsually we use our Facebook pages to send visitors to our web sites, but sometimes we might want to directly sell in the page and avoid the visit-the-web extra step. This is what I was trying to do yesterday. I wanted to use my Facebook page as a sales page and place a buy button that goes directly to the paypal checkout page.

The problem is that the button’s standard code PayPal gives you does not work inside iframes. The solution is to use the email code instead.

Let me show you how…

Create your button as you normally do. When you go to the page where PayPal gives you the button’s code, do not copy the standard code but the email-code.

paypal button facebook page

This code is like a regular link, and this is how you use it.

Keep in mind that the email code is only the URL where the  link points to. You need to build the link. To do it,go to the page where you want to add the button, insert the image you want to use as a button and add a link to it using the URL PayPal gives you.

This is how the final code will look.

paypal email button

Easy, right?

If you want to see a live sample, you can do it in our FB Bang Page.