GTD and Evernote: The Perfect Match
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evernote gtd systemI have organization issues. I admit it. I have sticky notes all over my desk and its surroundings, my computer folders are messy and full of documents of all sorts that I don’t even remember I have or can’t find when I need them, in my calendar there are notes about everything except what should be there… You can get the idea. And this is affecting my productivity. So, I have to find a solution. Continue Reading »

We Are Back!
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I know it’s been a really long time since our last posts. The truth is that we have been focused in other time-consuming projects and have set aside our blog, but we are back, hopefully to stay.

we are back

See you around!


The Penguin Update. Google is Cleaning the House
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penguin updatePenguin has made many webmasters (me included) to scream far and wide. But, you know what? We deserve it. We have been playing against the rules, and we knew it, so it was just a matter of time.

Most of our profitable sites survived to Panda update, and we were happy and collecting our money every month, but some days ago, we were checking our Share a Sale account and… OMG! 0 sales in one week! We started to panic, and our panic was even bigger when we saw that some of our most profitable sites had dropped from top Google rankings to I don’t even know were… ARGH! We have been slapped by Penguin!

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Facebook Timeline for Pages. All You Need to Know
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facebook timeline pagesFacebook did it again! Yesterday they announced some of those major changes that at first upset most of us but then, we even end up loving.

All those changes are associated to the introduction of the Timeline for pages and will be automatically implemented for everybody on March, 30th.

So, don’t panic! You have a full month to make the necessary changes. Once you are ready, you don’t have to wait until March 30th , you can implement them at any time.

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How to Embed PDF Files, Spreadsheets, and Other Documents in WordPress
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how to embed pdf files in wordpressIn the last few days, three people have asked me how to embed PDF or other documents in WordPress Posts. So, I decided to write a post showing how to do it.

You will be surprise how easy it is!


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